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About Footprints Recovery Residence

About Footprints Recovery

Our team is familiar with the realities of living in a sober living home and understands the dangers of addiction. Our goal is to help young men cope with everyday life without resorting to drugs and alcohol by implementing a 12-Step program. We are committed to preventing relapses because people in early recovery often relapse multiple times before they become fully recovered. We try to avoid relapses and provide support when they do occur.
Footprints Recovery’s Sober Living House is all about structure and accountability. We also offer support. Individuals learn to take control of their lives which can lead to positive change. Our team understands that treatment for addiction should not be tailored to one person. Our Asheville, NC recovery homes have a small population. This allows us to get to know each resident and make sure that they live a sober life.

Our Sober Living Home History

Owner / Operator:  Mitchell Cobb

Footprints Recovery is a different kind of sober living home, locally owned and operated by someone who cares about people in recovery.  Born and raised in NC, Mitchell arrived in Asheville in 2017 ready for a new life.  After months of travel around the US, he was ready for sobriety and stability, and found both in the NA community of Asheville.  Thanks to the support of many in the area, he became a solid member of the Asheville NA community and began a business that has helped many others do the same.  As owner of three sober living homes in town, Mitchell knows the importance of supporting others, holding each person accountable, and making them feel like they have a home.  He not only talks the talk, he walks it.

Why Choose Footprints Recovery For Sober Living?

The journey to recovery is a lifelong one. Although it may be possible to get sober with a rehab or detox program, living sober takes constant care and commitment. Many people fear returning home from treatment will hinder their ability to live sober. Relapse can be significantly increased if a person’s life is full of stressors and pressures, such as old haunts and taxing relationships.

There are many options available for those who want to remain sober and live in recovery. Sober living houses provide a transitional housing option for those in recovery who want a structured, but independent, home. Sober living is living in an environment that doesn’t allow you to be distracted by alcohol or other drugs. This also means that you live in a place that allows you to re-build or reinforce the sober skills you have learned during your treatment.

We have already discussed the advantages of sobriety. But what about the specific benefits of sober living houses? The benefits of living sober every day, free from drugs and in a substance-using environment. Let’s take another look.

Constant Guidance & Support

You will find support and accountability in a sober living facility. Sober living homes usually have on-site managers who live with the tenants and you. These managers are available 24 hours a day to assist you with any issues in your recovery, such as difficult cravings, low emotions, or difficulty finding a job. They are also there to listen and offer support. Many times, sober living homes that are connected to treatment facilities will have alumni and support staff who have been there. They have experienced substance addiction and can help you to complete a rehabilitation program. When you are most in need of their advice, they can help.

You will be held accountable by your house managers. A set of rules is enforced in a sober living house to ensure that everyone stays happy, healthy, sober, and safe. The rules could include no alcohol or drugs on-site, a curfew every night or regular drug testing to ensure a sober environment. They may be asked to leave if they continue to break the rules, even though relapses are normal. This will help keep the expectations and environment as consistent as possible.

Meaningful, Sober Relationships

Sober living, whether in sober housing or treatment, has many obvious benefits. One of these is the close relationships you’ll make. You will be able to live with others who are in recovery and find common ground. They also know what it’s like to use drugs, crave drugs, feel depressed or distant, lose control and disappoint others. They are driven to be the best version of themselves, without using drugs or alcohol.

A sober home or residential treatment can help you reduce the loneliness that is part of your addiction. You likely felt alone when you used drugs. In fear of rejection and judgment, you may have severed all ties to the people in your life or cut off contact with family members. This can change in a recovery environment. There will be others who will live alongside you with similar experiences. These people will become more like your family or community over time with all of them supporting one another and understanding each other. These relationships will be your foundation for life. They will be the ones you can rely on in times of need and will hold you responsible for your sobriety. They will become your sober community.

Life Skills

A lot of obligations can be lost when a person is addicted to drugs and alcohol. These obligations could include healthy eating, regular exercise, a clean house, and good hygiene. Sober living has many benefits. It gives structure back to each resident’s lives. You will learn how to set up a routine and maintain a healthy lifestyle in treatment or transitional homes. You will learn essential life skills , from basic tasks like washing clothes to more complex obligations such as finding work. And you will also learn how to take responsibility for your actions. You will learn how to interact with others in recovery and financial skills. This includes paying rent and bills, and other practical skills that are necessary for independent living.


Sober living brings with it a newfound independence. You will be able to take control of your life with sobriety and a positive outlook. You will be able to find work on your own and follow the necessary steps to succeed in any job that you choose. You will be able to make new friends, and build meaningful friendships that support you in your recovery. You’ll also be able to cook and shop your own food, as well as fill your life with things that bring joy. You will be able to make healthy and responsible choices that will improve your life. You will also be in a safe, sober environment.

Residents at Footprints Recovery go through various phases of addiction treatment. Once they feel ready to live independently in their recovery journey, residents move into sober living and can travel into the city to attend classes, work and other activities. They also practice self-care and healthy routines daily and go to 12-step meetings. They still have access to support and clinical care through their treatment program.

A Easier Return to Mainstream Life

The most obvious benefit of sober living is the ease with which you can transition back to your daily life. Recovering from addiction is a lifelong commitment. It does not end when you are done with rehab. Sober living environments are crucial. They help people get back to the real world, which includes work, school, nightlife and relationships. Residents can feel safe and secure at night and are able to live independently without the need for 24-hour care in a treatment facility. Residents can experience a sober lifestyle outside of rehabilitation.

Although sober living homes are designed for those in early recovery or outpatient treatment, many are open to anyone at any stage of their recovery. These facilities usually have residents who attend meetings or are going to treatment. This will allow you to keep up with your obligations and maintain a sober mind.

Reducing the Risk of Relapse

Sober housing, as we have explained in our definition sober living houses, is designed to provide people in recovery a supportive and safe environment to heal from the outside world. Perhaps the most important benefit is this separation. This will allow you to be free from the temptation of old drug-using friends, hang-out spots and other environmental triggers that can lead to relapse.

Substance abuse and addiction cause lasting brain changes. They alter the way our brain cells function, which in turn affects our ability to make rational and self-control decisions. Studies have shown that people who relapse during recovery have less brain tissue in that part of the brain that controls behavior and emotional control. This makes sense. It is difficult to resist temptations and cravings in recovery, especially early on.

Sober homes can eliminate relapse triggers which may lead to cravings or temptation. A recovery home does not allow alcohol, drugs, or addictive prescriptions. Relapse is not possible because everyone is accountable for their actions. There is also no time to relapse because everyone has their own busy schedule to continue a productive recovery process.

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Real Patient Testimonials

Footprints has offered my son a safe place to live while he navigates his sobriety journey. Mitchell has done an excellent job of recognizing red flags residents and often helps them seek additional services and treatment.
Crystol J.
Parent of Alumni
Footprints gave me the opportunity to change and help with addiction, The staff and management is some of the best there is I would recommend this to anyone looking a better way to live
Nick P.
Great sober living with excellent staff. Footprints granted me numerous opportunities to better my life and relationships. Mitchell, Adam and Merlin were always there for me and aided me back to life.
Michael W.
Aaron Hice
Aaron Hice
03:57 23 Jan 21
I've seen miracles happen at this place. The brother hood and family atmosphere is something most of these men have... never experienced. Every one of the bad reviews are from people that couldn't follow the rules and regulations and where ask to more
Crystol Jones
Crystol Jones
00:48 20 Jan 21
Footprints has offered my son a safe place to live while he navigates his sobriety journey. Mitchell has done an... excellent job of recognizing red flags residents exhibit and often helps them seek addition services and treatment when necessary. My son considers his roommates family and loves the support the Footprints community offers. Grateful for each day my son is sober and for the support he receives from Mitchell and the entire more
Michael Woodard
Michael Woodard
02:28 19 Jan 21
Great sober living with excellent staff. Footprints granted me numerous opportunities to better my life and... relationships. Mitchell, Adam and Merlin were always there for me and aided me back to more
Scott Pleasants
Scott Pleasants
19:09 18 Jan 21
Our son has been at Footprints for about 3 months. It has been a good experience for him, and our family. After being... at a couple of other sober living houses, this one has been the best fit. The owner, Mitchell Cobb has spent a lot of time with our son. He’s driven him places, and even helped him buy and ship Christmas gifts. Our son feels very strongly that Mitch truly cares, and spends a lot of time checking on the more
Steven “Sauce” Clark
Steven “Sauce” Clark
03:54 18 Jan 21
I hate that the lowest rating still gives a star! This is the most crooked halfway house I've ever experienced. The... owner rides clients to pay rent even before its due! The staff smokes CBD with clients knowing its something that isn't allowed and depending on your friendship with them they allow using! I don't understand how this place is still operational. Maybe the fact of paid Google reviews to help get clients has something to do with it. Please save yourself or your family and run elsewhereread more
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